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The Atelier Guinevere emerged from a dream of many years, not only to have my own business, but also to create a studio where it would be possible to create pieces especially for each client and also to assist those who sew, whether for themselves or for those who make sewing their business.

Digital sewing patterns are created with the aim of assisting throughout the process, including for beginners in sewing. The patterns can be printed on any common printer and also come with cutting and sewing instructions, with step-by-step photos.

Each body is unique and many do not follow a standard size chart. It is the desire to highlight the true beauty of all body types that led me to create customizable and tailored pieces. If you would like me to sew an exclusive piece for you, please contact me.

The fashion industry is a cause of significant environmental impacts. That's why there's a concern to minimize the impact as much as possible. Production is small-scale and artisanal, done in the studio, ethically. Each piece is made with care, dedication, and attention to detail. The raw materials used are either produced nationally or sourced locally, and the packaging is plastic-free.


Founder of Atelier Guinevere

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